Mental Health Methods That Are An Effective Path Back To Being You 

Mental Health Methods That Are An Effective Path Back To Being You 

Therapy Methods For Mental Health in Metairie, LA

Helping Our Clients Progress In Their Recoveries

Life is complicated, and so depending on what you might be experiencing in any given session, know that your therapist will have a wide array of tools and interventions to choose from to facilitate your healing 

Therapy Methods For Mental Health in Metairie, LA

Precision treatment, tailored to the individual

At Rosetta Mental Health, our clinicians use what is often referred to as an “eclectic” style, meaning a blend of multiple therapeutic approaches. See below to read more about the therapeutic approaches we use. 

Therapy Methods For Mental Health in Metairie, LA

Our Methods For Treatment & Support

Psychotherapeutic interventions can be quite varied. Our first step is having an open, honest conversation about what is troubling you. We are eager to assist you! Click to learn more.

We offer a calm, neutral space where both partners in a relationship can be heard, considered, and respected. Click to learn more.

If you think your loved one would benefit from counseling with one of our clinicians, please contact us and let us know what is happening so we can be sure to match him/her with the right clinician. Click to learn more.

Reviews For Therapy in Metairie, Louisiana

Real Stories, Real Results.

This is the right place to get you mentally help!!Sometimes, mental illness is terrifying because you feel like you’ve lost control of your mind and nothing makes sense.It’s like watching yourself on autopilot and having little to no control.Dr. Chris help me to get my life in control. 
I highly recommend Rosetta Mental Health; the best services with the upmost professionalism.. 
Clinicians are knowledgeable, professional, thorough, and compassionate. Very easy to schedule with and short wait times. Highly recommend this practice!! 
Chris is professional, compassionate, and supportive! He’s an amazing listener and always has thoughtful ideas for anything I am working through. Highly recommend! 
Christopher Harris is an amazing therapist. He is well read and keeps up with, “tried and true” strategies/methods and resources as well as the new, cutting edge ones. He listens intently to his clients and is able to suggest excellent resources that will help them move forward in their healing process. Chris is the epitome of professionalism. He takes everything about his job very seriously and he is genuinely concerned about his clients. He is honest, ethical and an all around good man. You will be in great hands as one of his clients. 

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